The TNInvestCo program was created by the Tennessee General Assembly in July 2009 as part of a broad strategy to nurture entrepreneurship in the state and to jump start job creation in sectors of the economy with high growth potential. The purpose of the TNInvestco program is to encourage and support investments in qualified small businesses that have the potential to transform the State of Tennessee’s economy. Companies like FedEx and HCA were founded by entrepreneurs and eventually backed by venture capital investors. These companies have had a transformational impact on the state’s economy through the jobs, wealth and tax revenues made possible, directly or indirectly, by the efforts of the entrepreneurs that turned vision into reality and the investors that fueled their ambition.

For more information about the program, visit the TNInvestco website.


    In order to be considered a qualified business to be a recipient of TNInvestco funding, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Company Location

    Recipients must maintain their headquarters and principal business operations in Tennessee.

  • Company Size

    Recipients may employ no more than one hundred people at the time of investment.

  • Employee Location

    Recipients must have at least sixty percent of their employees located in Tennessee.


    Recipients must NOT be principally engaged in:

  • Professional services provided by accountants, doctors, or lawyers
  • Banking or lending
  • Real estate development
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Direct gambling activities

Recipients must not be a franchise of and have no financial relationship with a TNINvestco or any affiliate of a TNInvestco prior to a TNInvestco’s first qualified investment in the business.