C&E's investments span a wide range of industries, and our portfolio companies employ a variety of different business models. We seek companies that not only offer the prospect of attractive financial returns, but also have the potential to contribute more broadly to economic growth in Tennessee.

  • ABT Molecular Imaging

    ABT Molecular Imaging offers a next-generation biomarker generator, a production platform which produces unit doses of molecular imaging drugs for positron emission tomography (PET) at the point of use. ABT's biomarker generator enables rapid, safe, and local production of PET imaging agents in a way that is more convenient, versatile, and significantly less expensive than current methods available. The company has customers around the world, with applications across both clinical and research end markets.

  • Advanced Network Solutions

    (ANS) provides outsourced IT services to small and medium business customers. The company specializes in managed services, support and maintenance and offers third party products as a value-added reseller. ANS allows smaller companies to leverage IT expertise and resources formerly only available to enterprise customers and to do so on a subscription basis. The company has gained significant knowledge of best IT service practices for companies in specific industries, particularly community banking and healthcare, both highly regulated industries with specific IT needs.

  • Amplion Clinical Communications

    Amplion Clinical Communications provides its flagship technology, Amplion Alert, to hospitals nationwide. Amplion Alert is a wireless, in-room communications system that enables clinical staff to care for patients’ needs in real time and track, manage, and confirm the delivery of care. The system monitors timed activities such as rounding, bed turns, and pain assessment, and emergent needs such as preventing patient falls. In addition to improving patient care and reducing alarm fatigue, the solution generates data that allows management to more effectively control staffing ratios and promotes nurse recruitment and retention through increased organization and documentation.

  • Energy Source Partners

    Energy Source Partners provides solar generating facilities for its clients. The company designs, installs and maintains all associated solar equipment. Clients receive low-cost electricity with long-term pricing stability, a smaller carbon footprint and a greener public image. Typical clients include commercial and retail businesses, and the company has also received interest from several healthcare facilities. Installations are typically done on rooftops, and the company also works with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) through a generation partner agreement. The company uses solar panels that are manufactured at the Sharp Manufacturing Company facility in Memphis, Tenn.

  • FSI

    FSi provides custom supply chain solutions to its customers, designing unique services in a turn-key fashion. The company employs advanced management software, experienced people, a low-cost print and supply network and a large distribution center – with security and quality controls that meet the highest industry standards. FSi has the capabilities to manage every aspect of the supply chain for its customers, including on-demand printing, mailing, procurement, kitting, warehousing, inventory management and shipping and distribution. The company also acts as an outsourcer for back office functions such as administration and reporting, billing, finance and tax and legal compliance. The company serves customers across healthcare, manufacturing, insurance and retail.

  • Network Contract Solutions

    Network Contract Solutions offers web-based contract management software and paralegal services that enable businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries to effectively manage key terms and conditions associated with all types of contracts. The Network Contract Solutions offering centralizes client contracts onto a single user-friendly platform, which the company's team of paralegals keeps up-to-date by adding new contracts to the system.

  • NuScriptRX

    NuScriptRX is a mail order institutional pharmacy. The company uses just-in-time delivery and on-site automated dispensing to provide timely, cost effective and safer medication administration processes to the long-term care industry, primarily skilled nursing facilities. NuScriptRX’s short cycle business model combines central pharmacy automation systems, local on-site systems and integrated internal and web-based software. This enables the company to provide a higher level of service, while saving customers money through a reduction in drug waste and improving safety.

  • Payment America Systems

    Payment America Systems is a provider of outsourced revenue cycle services principally providing patient-responsibility receivables processing on behalf of health systems. The company manages receivables and executes business process solutions for more than 1,000 facilities nationwide and has managed in excess of $2 billion of receivables for clients over the past decade. Payment America remains at the forefront of technology and innovation in healthcare. In 2010, the company launched a data analytic solution which gives clients a longitudinal view into their patient-level profitability by providing transaction analytics.

  • PlayMaker CRM

    PlayMaker CRM offers customer relationship management software and solutions to the home health, hospice, and private duty markets. The company’s web-based solution is designed specifically for home care to assist agencies in increasing sales efficiency, enhancing profitability, and growing market share. Today, PlayMaker CRM is used by hundreds of agencies that realize the benefit of using technology to make their sales and marketing departments more efficient and more productive.

  • Shareholder InSite

    Founded in 2012 through the merger of CapControls and Qval, Shareholder InSite provides powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help private companies and Venture Capital and Private Equity investors better track, manage, and analyze shareholder data. Through its team of financial and software professionals (based in Nashville, TN and Boulder, CO), Shareholder InSite offers the premier shareholder administration and transaction analysis software to leading VC/PE firms including August Capital, Benchmark Capital, Third Rock Ventures and client portfolio companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • SIGNiX

    As a leader in digital signatures, SIGNiX makes signing documents safe and secure so that its clients can better connect with partners and customers. SIGNiX's solutions help the world’s leading companies become more efficient, increase sales, reduce costs, lower risk and boost profits.

  • The Rehab Documentation Company

    The Rehab Documentation Company (ReDoc) offers point of care documentation software for the rehab industry. The company’s solution addresses the clinical documentation and business needs of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. The company sells its software on a license basis to both independent therapy practices as well as large enterprise customers. Today ReDoc has over 1,200 healthcare providers as customers, representing more than 10,000 therapists who use the software on a daily basis.

  • Wealth Access

    Wealth Access is an online service that helps high net worth individuals and their advisors better manage wealth. The company’s secure platform gives its customers a clearer picture of their financial portfolio, helping them understand their net worth and, ultimately, making their money make sense.

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